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By default, the prefix is ;, or you can use "nyx (command)"
You can always change this by using nyx prefix <prefix>

Command usage:
- []: Optional argument.
- <>: Required argument.
NOTE: don't put the symbols inside of the actual command, or in other words, when purging 500 messages in a channel, don't use "purge <500>", use "purge 500"

This command measures the time between your message and Nyx's response, along with latency to Discord's API

help [module/command]
Give you useful resources for usage with nyx, along with module/command details if provided.

Give you useful links regarding Nyx, such as commands list, Nyx's server, invite link, and Patreon!

Shows you the statistics of Nyx, and a few useful links.


All the fun commands!
Some commands require the "Embed Links" permission

8ball <q>
Shake the magic 8ball and find an answer to a question
but on one condition, you really don't.

howgayis <@user>
Get a rating on how gay someone is...a very trustworthy rating...yes...

clapspeak <msg>

owoify <text>
OwO-ify your text
be cawefuw though, it's vewy bad

urban <text>
Search a term on the best dictionary on the planet

play a bruh sound effect in your voice channel

play a vine boom sound effect in your voice channel

kill <@user>
Are you, by chance, sick of someone? t h e n k i l l e m .

kiss <@user>
Give someone a kiss!

hug <@user>
Give someone a hug, they might need it

cuddle <@user>
Cuddle up with someone, make them feel better,,!

boop <@user>
Boop someone on the nose,,!!

pat <@user>
Pat someone on the head!

play an oof sound effect in your voice channel

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a cat!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a fox!

Wholesome time,,,send a picture of a dog!

Turn a specified image, or your profile picture, into a Nyx-like avatar!


This module is disabled by default. You can enable it using "nyx module enable logging"

logs [enable/disable <name/all>]
Show the current logging settings, or change logging settings!

logchannel <#channel>
Set the server logs channel! [Nyx requires the create webhook permission for that channel.]


Commands can NOT be ran by members if Nyx does not identify them as a Server Moderator or Server Administrator.

purge <number> [user]
Purge up to 1,000 messages in a channel! (or, purge messages found within a count of 1,000 messages)

warn <user> [reason]
Warn a user who did a bad, bad thing. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

kick <user> [reason]
Kick a user who did an even worse thing. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

mute <user> [time] [reason]
Mute a user who just won't stop breaking rules. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

ban <user> [time] [reason]
Ban a user who did something so bad, muting and kicking them was just not enough. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

unmute <user> [reason]
Unmute a user that was muted using Nyx. [WON'T WORK IF NYX DID NOT MUTE THIS PERSON] [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

unban <user> [reason]
Unban a user [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

warns <user> [page]
Show a list of warnings on a user.

clearwarns <user> [reason]
Clear the warnings off of a user. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

delwarn <user> [reason]
Remove a specific warning off of a user. [logs with "moderation" logging enabled]

modlogs <user> [page]
Show a list of moderation logs performed on a user, such as ban, unban, warn, etc.


KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STRONGLY IN BETA; if a function doesn't work as intended, please refer to our Support Server, and report the issue there.

Let Nyx join your voice channel to play music!

play <link/song name/playlist url>
Play a song in your voice channel! (Supports SoundCloud, YouTube, and uploaded audio files!)

Show the current song that is playing, along with the duration!

Pause the currently playing song!

bass <multiplier between 0 and 5>
Set the bass multiplier for the playback of your music!

treble <multiplier between 0 and 5>
Set the treble multiplier for the playback of your music!

Resume the current song in the queue.

Voteskip the current track! [bypassable with Manage Server permission]

Remove every track after the current song! (using this command with the only song being the currently played will skip it)

volume <num greater than 0>
Set the volume in the music session. (for those who just LOVE distortion)

loop <song/queue>
Enable looping for either the song or the queue!

queue [page]
Show the current queue!

Skip to a song in the queue!

Shuffle the queue!

Replay the current song!

remove <song position>
Remove a specific song from the queue!

lyrics <song>
Find the lyrics of a certain song, or the currently playing song!

Remove songs from people who have left the voice channel

Leave the channel, and clear the queue!

scsearch <query>
Search SoundCloud for a song!

ytsearch <query>
Search YouTube for a song!


This module is disabled by default. You can enable it using "nyx module enable autorole"

autorole [add/remove <@role>]
Add or remove roles to be added in the autorole!


These are the server/user settings! (server settings mostly will require the Server Administrator permission)

View/change the settings for the server!

Enable a specific disabled command for your server!

Disable a specific command for your server!

modules [enable/disable/toggle <module>]
Check module settings, or change them!

modrole <add/rm> <@role>
Add/remove a Server Moderator role!

adminrole <add/rm> <@role>
Add/remove a Server Administrator role!

muterole <@role/clear>
Set a Mute role, or remove the current one!

prefix <new prefix>
Set the server's prefix for Nyx to understand!

pronouns <(she/her)/(they/them)/(he/him)/any>
Set your own pronouns for the bot's usage! (typically used in Fun commands)

afk <message>
Going AFK for a bit? Let Nyx know, and they will tell whoever pings you that you're away!

name <nickname>
Set your own nickname for the bot to use!

remindme <time until reminder> <message>
Set a reminder for yourself in the future!

loopremind <time until reminder> <message>
Set a reminder for yourself in the specified time, and then every 24 hours!

Show your currently active reminders!

delreminder <reminder position>
Delete a specific reminder on your list!


If a command is not working, use uptime to see if that service is online.

short <URL> [vanity]
This command uses Nyx's API to create a shortened link of a long url.

serverinfo (si)
Gives you the current information about a server, such as the server owner, the member count, server region, etc.

userinfo (ui) [@user]
Gives the current information about a specified user, such as the Username, Discrim, ID, etc. along with details specific to the server.

say <text>
This command lets you send a message as Nyx.

avatar <@user>
Grabs the URL of a mentioned user's avatar.

catch [#channel]
Catch a message that was recently deleted.